Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover!!

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So you think a diamond blade is just a diamond blade.... That is just not the case! Just like the butcher or the  barber the better the cutting tool the better and more efficient the result. It has been said that a great barber can cut hair with a broken piece of glass but would you really want him to?? Of course not! The same goes for the diamond blade you choose. First consider the objective of a diamond blade which is to provide the fastest cleanest cut while maintaining a long life. For this to happen the correct bond/matrix for the application and aggregate must be chosen. Less money spent upfront does not necessarily equate to best cost per lineal Foot not to mention time spent.

Here is some insider information to consider the next time you are buying a diamond blade.

1- When the price goes down so will the quality.

2- Diamond concentration plays a role in diamond blades with a 24" diameter and higher. The importance has to do more with the horse power of the saw than the application.

3-All diamond blades with the diameter of 12" - 20", unless custom made will only have 16%-20% diamond concentration, as it should be and anything more would result in a product that does not cut. If a sales person says their 14" diamond blade has 36% concentration, that is a misnomer. Lastly on diamond concentration, unless you are personally having the segment analyzed then to factor this element into a buying decision may not be beneficial.

4- A general purpose or all purpose diamond blade is designed to cut all masonary applications. Although it can and is often marketed to customers as a concrete and asphalt cutting product, this will not be the best choice for speed of cut or long life. A diamond blade built specifically for both concrete and asphalt with undercut protection is the best choice.

5- Not all diamond blade sales people have field experience. You may be surprised to find out that most don't and therefore do not possess first hand knowledge of the real life application. While not necessary it can be a valuable resource if saving resources, time and money are a top priority for your business.


In conclusion, stay on the cutting edge and if we can be of assistance please don hesitate to call 855-976-5878 or email

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