Color Your World Seamlessly

Posted by Jami Reiling on

Once reserved only for industrial and commercial applications, primarily due to the cost, epoxy resinous systems have boldly disrupted the residential flooring industry by offering a seamless alternative. 

Available in numerous colors, combinations and effects it's easy to understand how this flooring alternative has made its way into main stream architecture. Priced on average no more than the traditional floor covering increasing with extravagance, just as you would pay more for marble than linoleum.




Epoxy systems are by nature slip restraint while exhibiting a high reflective surface. Best of all is the long lasting health benefit of the monolithic surface, eliminating the possibility of dirt, grease, bacteria and mold building up in the surface breaks, like joint or grout lines.


Easy to install, beautiful and warming to the residence, there are systems for all rooms of the house from the formal living room to the garage. Whether DIY or having it installed, a seamless epoxy resin system is the modern and contemporary choice.



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