Wallaby Concrete Floor Grinder

  • $9,495.00

Wallaby Concrete Floor Grinder 

The Wallaby Concrete Floor Grinder is a user-friendly machine that grinds concrete floors and easily removes coatings. The Wallaby Concrete Floor Grinder is a 5 HP Siemens single-phase 220 volt variable speed grinder. This is a three-head, completely gear-driven planetary grinder with 9 diamonds and a magnetic plate. It delivers optimum comfort and a pain-free user experience when carrying your machine and has four handles.  It's small and disassembles into two pieces, making it simple to move by truck or SUV and navigate around stairs. With a pigtail holder that keeps the connector out of the user's walk space, the handle may be adjusted for a more comfortable experience. It contains twin LED lamps and a USB charging connector, which come in handy if you're working in a dark environment. The Wallaby Concrete Floor Grinder is the finest choice for industrial, commercial, and residential contractors, and it's simple enough for just about anybody to run and maintain with ease. 


 Grinding Head 3 Heads
Motor  10 HP Siemens - Variable
RPM  0-1200
Inverter 4 kW
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Magnetic Plates 3 (9" Diameter)
Working Width 17.7" 
Water Tank 2.65 Gallon
Working Width H 33"/ W 18"/L 41.5"
Grinding Distance from Wall 1/4"


Volts 220V - Single Phase
Amps 12 - 15

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