Premium Sand Screen Metal Disc

Premium Sand Screen Metal Disc

  • $10.00

Premium Sand Screens are diamond-coated metal discs that may be used to grind glass, ceramics, and composites, as well as to remove rust and scale from other materials. Our metal screens are filled with silicon carbide in various grits and are commonly used for coatings restoration on wood, concrete, or painted floor surfaces to eliminate undesired tiny defects. Repairing painted floor surfaces with sand screen discs is also an option.

You can utilize both sides of the disc. It may be used wet or dry. For grinding, stripping, sanding, mild blending, and deburring, use with orbital and rotary sanders.

Comes as a 10 pack and we currently carry 5 sizes ranging from 16" to 27" with grit choices of 

  • Very coarse: 60 grit
  • Coarse: 80 grit
  • Medium: 100 grit
  • Fine: 120 grit
  • Medium Fine: 150 grit
  • Very Fine: 180 grit
  • Extremely Fine: 220 grit

If you do not see the size please email with the size and grit needed.