Epoxy Resin Countertop Kit (3 liter)

Epoxy Resin Countertop Kit (3 liter)

  • $110.00

Our 3-liter Epoxy Countertop Kit is a 100 percent solid, ultra-clear, and self-leveling epoxy resin coating that can be applied to any properly prepared countertop, bar top, or tabletop surface. Excellent for making epoxy art and deep pour epoxy resin wood tables.

This countertop kit comes with a simple 2-part A and 1-part B mix, with Part B serving as the hardening agent. Before installation, make sure the countertop is completely prepared so that the kit can perform as intended. Once the surface has been prepared, thoroughly mix and apply the epoxy resin to it. To avoid spoilage, only mix the amount once and pour it within 15 minutes. The hardening and self-leveling agents in the Countertop Kit will produce an extremely beautiful, seamless, and wear-resistant surface after it has been applied to a surface and properly cured. The kit's low color and viscosity allow for a bubble-free, crystal-clear coating.

This kit's endless color combinations make it the ideal choice for your custom kitchen, bar, or table. The FDA and USDA have approved this kit for food preparation due to its bacteria-resistant finish.

  • 3-liter clear epoxy kit
  • Covers 125-150 sq ft. per gallon
  • 8–10-hour dry time
  • 2 parts A (resin) to 1 part B (hardener).
  • You have a 30–40-minute window after adding both Part A to Part B before the product begins to solidify.