Ameripolish Smart Floor System

  • $76.00

 The SmartFloor™ concept is engineered to provide the end user with a high-aesthetic floor and is an easy and economical way to maintain a polished concrete floor utilizing standard janitorial equipment and existing personnel.

The SmartFloor™ Pad System consists of Daily Maintenance (Blue) and Restoration Pads (Orange) for maintaining and remediating polished concrete floors. The SmartFloor™ Pad System abrasive inserts are made of unique composite resin abrasive (CRA) technology that maintains a highly-refined floor without ongoing stock removal while also successfully restoring worn out floors.


Features - Easy to use pad system including pads for daily maintenance (blue) & restoration (orange) • Each complete pad consists of composite resin abrasives secured in a white driver pad of your desired size. Designed for use under auto-scrubbers.

The daily cleaning process will maintain and improve the aesthetics, especially Distinctness Of Image (DOI) or clarity (shine) of a concrete floor. Easy to see color coding system (Bue/Orange) allowing for identification of pad while it is on the machine Uses The SmartFloor™ Pad System is engineered to work on concrete floors with no topical coating; floors protected by Ameripolish® SR2 or other penetrating stain protection agents, as well as floors with no stain protection at all, are ideal candidates. Ideal for daily maintenance or floor restoration.