Xtreme Polishing Systems offers a large selection of custom designed machines. Select from the Concrete Genie Series  which offers small, light weight, versatile, well priced machines with high priced features. If you prefer stepped up performance with more bells and whistles check out the Mammoth Series.

The Healthy Air Technologies Vacuums are a light weight yet forceful vacuum system utilizing a double filteration which includes a 2nd stage HEPA filter. With superfine dust extraction, specifically designed for the world of polished concrete these vacuums are easy to maintain and use the LongoPac replacement bag system.

Innovation at it's finest! The XPS Magnetic Plates put you in control of your tooling systems. Save time and $$ when you retro fit your equiptment with the XPS Magnetic Plate System Custom Designed to fit. CNC Machined, Aircraft Grade Aluminum, N52 Neodymium Magnets. Change your tooling in a snap!