Surface Prep is the most important aspect of the floor project. A poorly prepped surface will yield a sub grade floor finish. Utilize the PCD's for aggressive removal of mastic and glue, then start the initial grinding process with the metals needed to make the first cuts. Not cutting deep enough with the initial grind will result in a wavy surface result. Give your customer the flat surface they are paying for by starting the project right. A Mohs Hardness Test Kit removes the guess work. Save time and money when you start with the correct metals for the surface.

After the initial grinding process the real magic happens with the selection of polishing pads. Be sure to get quality polishing pads to effectively remove the scratch patterns to reveal a clear Mate, Satan or Mirror finish.

XPS offers the latest in technology with its line of Colloidal Silica densifier Xtreme Hard and its counter parts the Protector - Xtreme Shield and the Cleaner Xtreme Clean. Conveniently and economically packaged in 1-Gallon, 5-Gallon and 55-Gallon Concentrate. Don't wast money shipping water when you can add it on site.